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As it is well known, the new coronavirus threatens the elder more. On Monday (March 16th), I made the necessary measures to fulfill the order of the Ministry of Human Resources, regarding to protect our older GP doctors.
Therefore, from the 17th of March, I reorganzie the basic healthcare in Pécs. The goal is to protect all the GP doctors above 65 years. For this reason, the basic healthcare in Pécs will be provided by GP doctors under that age.
With the press release we also publish a spreadsheet. In this document you can find the names of all doctors’, indicated red, whose offices can not be visited from the 17th of March.
I supplemented this measure with one important step. I asked all the GP doctors above the age of 65, to watch out for their health and be available for their patients in their offices, but only via phone. In this way, they can continously help the patients with advices, consultations, and e-recipes, behind closed doors.
On the doors of the endangered aged doctor’s offices you can find the contacts about their replacements. It is an important information, that regarding the order of the Ministry of Human Resources, the basic dental care is limited to emergency cases only.
I’m still asking the citizens of Pécs, to contact your GP doctors only in the case of emergency, due to the changed circumstances.
These measures can be inconvenient for some of us, but the protection of our elderly citizens and doctors is our common duty. Please watch out for each other!
All my measures regarding the coronavirus, can be found on pecs.hu/koronavirus
Péterffy Attila
Mayor of Pécs

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