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The market hall is an important source of food for many of us, both in practice and in symbolics. It is traditionally liked by elderly citizens, who are especially vulnerable to the threat posed by the new coronavirus.

As mayor of Pécs, it is a top priority to keep the market hall open and ready to accept customers as long as possible. In order to achieve this however, we need to enact several restrictive measures and will ask for more tolerance from the citizens of Pécs.

Few people in an organized manner
We have tested some of the measures on Tuesday (March 17th), and based on the experiences, from Wednesday, March 18th, the following measures will be introduced:
Entry into the market hall will be limited to the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky street, while exiting will only be allowed towards the bus station, on the opposite side of the building.
Only 100 people are allowed inside the market hall at any time.
Both inside and outside the market hall, waiting in line is allowed with a safety distance of two meters, which will be enforced by the public space surveillance authority and security staff of the market hall management.
The institution responsible for the upkeep of the market hall (Pécsi Vagyonhasznosító Zrt.) will ensure that workers disinfect often used surfaces (doorhandles, railings, etc.) every hour, and that they ventilate the entire area of the market hall after closing.
I ask the citizens of Pécs to be mindful of each other and changing circumstances, and that they leave the market hall as soon as they are finished with their purchases.
I inform the citizens of Pécs, that the market hall will be open as usual, from Monday to Friday between 5AM and 5PM, on Saturdays between 5AM and 2PM.

We are planning for the long term
The aim of the measures listed above is to ensure the continuous possibility of making food purchases in the market hall. At the same time, this will allow for calculable, plannable operating circumstances for local producers in and around Pécs, who are hereby encouraged to continuously supply the citizens of Pécs with high quality goods.
For the above mentioned reasons, I ask the citizens of Pécs to comply with the rules in order for us to be able to ensure that the market hall stays open as long as possible. Please watch out for each other!

Attila Péterffy
Mayor, Municipality of Pécs

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